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In the sequel to Greg’s Zeigler’s riveting debut eco-thriller, The Straw That Broke—which has been critically compared to Polanski’s “Chinatown,” Some Say Fire pits former police officer Susan Brand and private investigator Jake Goddard against nefarious arsonists setting forest fires in the drought-stricken Southwest. Bodies are found in the fires, each with an arrow through the chest. Who are the murderers taking advantage of climate change to spread terror and cause widespread destruction? Goddard and Brand rush to discover the truth before more innocent people die and a conflagration devours the Southwest.

“Greg Zeigler is a rising star in penning modern environmental thrillers. Strap yourself in as he takes us on another green thrill ride.” -Todd Wilkinson, journalist, environmentalist, and author of Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek

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Travels with Max

In Search of Steinback’s America fifty years later

In 2009, Gregory Zeigler and his dog Max drove and camped 15,000 miles over 9 weeks, exploring the country and determining what Americans are like today.

Travels With Max offers a retrospective on Steinbeck and his work, as well as an insightful, humorous and upbeat perspective on modern America.

“Through his contemporary snapshot of America 50 years later, author Greg Zeigler has renewed public interest in ‘Travels with Charley’. Zeigler’s stories of his own ‘Travels With Max’ captivate readers, as well as live audiences. He had our Steinbeck Festival audience inspired to take their own journeys across America.” – Colleen Bailey, Director, The National Steinbeck Center

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The Straw That Broke

In Gregory Zeigler’s environmental thriller The Straw That Broke, Lyndall Burke, a vulnerable young scientist and free spirit, gets caught up in a battle between ecoterrorists and corrupt public officials over water in the drought-stricken desert Southwest. Lyndall’s disappearance causes police officer Susan Brand and private investigator Jake Goddard to rush to her aid. Abduction, deceit, and murder threaten to trigger a cataclysm that places the entire region in jeopardy.

In a parched and frightening future in which two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to be living under severe water shortages, The Straw That Broke is a modern allegory, shedding light on the desperate clashes over precious water, and on our imperiled future.

In ‘The Straw That Broke’ Greg Zeigler has written both a wonderful novel of sharp characters and a great story. He has also predicted our future.

We can live without oil, but we can’t live without water, and Greg Zeigler has written a novel of intrigue and seduction showing just how that will play out in the near future. ‘The Straw That Broke’ is a story to be savored.” – Tim Sandlin, author

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