African lions—fearless and powerful.

By Chuck Schneebeck

During the last two holiday seasons, the amazing photography of Chuck Schneebeck has greatly enhanced our blog. The response from our readers has been both positive and enthusiastic.

Now Chuck has offered to share his work on lions. In his words, photographs, and embedded video, Schneebeck offers a striking look at, and discussion of, these magnificent predators.

Caution to the reader—although necessary and natural—a lion kill is always a bloody affair.

Please click on the link below.

Lions in Pages.1,pdf.pdf

Chuck Schneebeck lives in Jackson, Wyoming with his wife Carol. He was a biologist and educator in his first life. Chuck enjoys traveling to photograph wildlife in wild places. He has traveled in the Americas from the Beauford Sea in the north of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to Antartica. Chuck has also photographed in eight African countries.

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