The Kiski Challenge!

Kiski School, an excellent boys’ boarding school in Western Pennsylvania, has honored me by selecting The Straw That Broke as the all-school read for this summer. That means every student and faculty member has been asked to enjoy the novel over the summer in anticipation of my visiting for a day in early October.

Members of the selection committee felt my cli fi (climate fiction) thriller had a unique ability to both entertain and educate the students, and that the environmental message was a good fit for the school’s recently implemented sustainability program.

Now for the challenge. There is a discrepancy between the YouTube interview featured on this website and the novel. School head Chris Brueningsen and I have agreed to challenge the boys to read carefully and watch with scrutiny. The first student to email me ( with the correct answer will be awarded a $50.00 gift certificate to iTunes on the day of my visit.

Come on Kiski  Cougars! Get reading and watching and win the card!

(You other blog sloggers who endure my occasional posts are welcome to join the challenge, however, I regret I can only offer this valuable prize to the winning Kiski Cougar.)

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