All Hail the King’s English (and Stio).

I have been hesitant to post recently because older posts have a tendency to get buried on blogs and I wanted my interview with Dan Bloom to take precedence for an appropriate amount of time. I’m still grateful to Dan for sharing his insights with me (and you).

But there is exciting news to report. The revered and venerable King’s English Bookstore in Salt Lake City invited me to do two events. I’m really grateful to Anne Holman, the manager for her support. The first event on June 6th went very well. She also connected me with Cindy Lund of the Insights to Conservation Book Club which is associated with the King’s English (1511 South 1500 East). That meeting will be coming up on July 1, at 6:30 p.m. at the store. Wine, other beverages and snacks will be served while we discuss The Straw That Broke. Cindy has done an excellent job promoting this event. I’m certain it will be fun.

Speaking of a fun event…the Stio store in Jackson (an outdoor clothing company) has been carrying my book since it came out in January and it is selling very well. Stio hosted a signing—well actually—Stio threw a party for the book on June 12th at the store. It was a great event, well attended by locals and tourists alike. As an author, I felt flattered and honored. I want to thank my friend, Noah Waterhouse, and store manager, Liz Eaton for a great evening. I have included a picture from the Stio party below.


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