Xeriscape in New Mexico

I fear for my friends and family who are dealing with high winds, high temperatures, drought and fires in California. My thoughts and best wishes to weather the storms are with them and all their neighbors. Prayers would be appropriate in this time of dire need (or perhaps a rain dance).

Although I was bucking Santa Anna winds (from the Northeast) all the way to Albuquerque, the Bambi Winnie (19′ Airstream) tracked like a dream over the 3-day, 800 plus mile journey.

Lo and behold, I find myself parked right next to my friends’ house and they are the poster kids for xeriscape. Note the gravel and stone surfaces and cistern catching rain water. They also have beautiful raised bed gardens demonstrating the efficient use of mulch and drip irrigation.

The term xeriscape was first used in the mid-80s, but folks we are looking at the future—at least in the drought-stricken southwest.


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