Correspondence with Robert K.

I heard from an 8th grade reader recently. Robert K. got my email from Travels With Max and contacted me on his own initiative. Robert has decided he wants to read Travels with Charley also. That makes an author’s day. I wanted to share my email exchange with Robert.

Since you put your email in the book how many emails do you get a day? Not as many as I thought I would get after putting it there. I know many people who have told me they enjoyed Max immensely but few have emailed.

And when you got Max what were your feelings? Max was the cutest little puppy you have ever seen. I surprised my wife by giving him to her in a picnic basket. But he was always her dog, never mine—until the trip that is.

If you could go again on that same trip would you? I loved it. I really did. I would do it all over again but only IF my wife, Dimmie would come along for the whole trip.

Ok off topic with the book but have you been to Florida? Yes. Interesting state but not my favorite.

I usually read fiction books and this is probably my 4th nonfiction book I have read and this one I actually like. I’m really pleased you like it, Robert.

Read On, Robert!

Book Note: I’m reading With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George. I think it is my third George murder mystery. Suffice it to say, I would kill to be able to write murder mysteries like Elizabeth George.

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