Straw in LA

As you might imagine, for a country boy like me, Los Angeles can be a little daunting. Last night after driving for one hour and fifteen minutes (on three separate freeways) to Pages Bookstore in Manhattan Beach, I was somewhat amazed to still be in the same “city.” I could probably cover close to one third the width of Wyoming in that time.

That said, I did make it to both Chevalier’s Bookstore (4/27) and Pages (4/28) by the appointed times. Thank God for my GPS. The employees of both of those stores were very accommodating and helpful. One of my fellow authors at Pages was a young autistic woman who had published a book about her struggles with autism. It was very powerful. That said, there did not seem to be much awareness of southwestern water issues in the audience.

Even though this blog is my soapbox, I’m always a little hesitant to scramble up on it. But, I’ve got to say this about the good folks of Southern California—I have seen zero evidence, even in the form of requests to voluntarily conserve water, that people are aware that California is in a severe drought. I guess, as long as water is running out of the tap…

On to Santa Barbara!

Book Note: I just finished Stephen Kinzer’s The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and Their Secret World War.
It is a book every American should read so our country never repeats the history (and insanity) of the Cold War.

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