The Last Word, November 2022

Mount Rainier from near Gig Harbor, Washington.

The Last Word—for discerning readers—by author Gregory Zeigler.

Something good to read. I have read three more (six total) of the Mike Bowditch mystery series by Paul Doiron. Very unusual for me. The last one I read, titled The Precipice, involves two young women from a Pentecostal college in Georgia who were a closeted couple before walking to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. They are found murdered. Possibly because of their sexual orientation. Simultaneously, I was reading a memoir, To Shake the Sleeping Self by Jedidiah Jenkins who was a fundamentalist Christian gay man biking from Oregon to Patagonia. Jenkins worried constantly about his sexual identity and safety.

And this good news to be found on many news platforms.

Biden commits to honoring Native Americans by protecting public lands in Nevada.

Something I wrote.  Ah, yes. This evening’s activities. It had finally happened. And it was nice. No big deal, really. It had just been a few kisses and hands, after all. Like a massage. An intimate massage. Just hands, but expert hands. A woman’s hands.

Susan in Rare as Earth.

Something to consider. I believe, like seeing mixed race couples in ads, exposure in literature to same-sex couples is likely to lessen ignorance and prejudice and ultimately violence born of hate.

Something to do.  Honor and celebrate your gay friends.

Happy reading. Gregory Zeigler, author of the Jake Goddard and Susan Brand eco-thriller series.


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