The Last Word, August 2022

 Saw this on a restroom door in Brattleboro, Vermont. Refreshingly broadminded.

The Last Word—for discerning readers—by author Gregory Zeigler.

Something good to read. 

Circling the Sun by Paula McClainThe Beryl Markham story.

We’re all afraid of many things. But if you make yourself smaller or let your fear confine you, then you really aren’t your own person at all—are you? The real question is whether or not you will risk what it takes to be happy.

Something I wrote. 

Excerpted from Channeling my inner Susan: creating strong female characters. (post date: 9/4/2022)

As things progressed (The Straw That Broke) Susan was indeed strong and was doing some impressive things whereas Jake seemed to be spinning his wheels. Tried as I might, I couldn’t resolve this dichotomy. (But wait! Aren’t you the author I hear you insist? Truly, I say, characters take on a life of their own—but that is a subject for a separate post.)

So, as I often do, I consulted with my daughter, Jamie, a published poet. “Well, Dad,” she said. “Perhaps you are just channeling your inner Susan.” I have come to believe that is exactly what was happening. And as tiresome as it sounds, that is my advice to any male author asking for guidance. Get in touch with your feminine side. And read as many books as possible featuring strong women.

Something to consider.

My next memoir writing class will be offered through the Teton County Library System, November 2022.

Something to do.

Lately I have been exclusively reading novels and non-fiction books featuring strong female characters. It is interesting for a time to pursue a particular theme in your reading. Sort of a personal book club of one. Wine optional.

Happy reading. Gregory Zeigler, author of the Jake Goddard and Susan Brand eco-thriller series.

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