The Last Word, July 2022

 Inquisitive badger cubs in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley. Photo courtesy Paul Sihler.

The Last Word—for discerning readers—by author Gregory Zeigler.

Something good to read.  Deep South by Paul Theroux.

The tribal air of like-mindedness, which was also an air of grievance, was something I’d seen at other gun shows: the defiance of people who care less about shooting guns than owning them, and indignant that their rights are being threatened—more change in a region that hates change, and among people who have had to accept changes (such as integration), and now the federal government coming after them again.

Something I wrote.  Excerpted from Old Faithful: A hopeful look into the heart of Yellowstone 100 years from now.

So how is it that the Great Awakening happened in the middle of the century? It was apparently the common experience of seeing huge forests burn, game animals suffering, fish die-offs, crops and livestock loss, lakes and rivers like the Colorado drying up, including the impact on heavily populated areas of toxic dust storms from depleted salt lakes, air you could barely breath and extreme weather events. Hard to ignore the evidence. This is thought to be what finally convinced people to collaborate on a solution.

Something to consider.

My next memoir writing class will be offered through the Teton County Library, November 2022.

Something to do.

Please do me the great honor of reading my hopeful original post referenced above about the future of Yellowstone (and the planet) on Comments welcome.

Happy reading. Gregory Zeigler, author of the Jake Goddard and Susan Brand eco-thriller series.

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