The Last Word, June 2022

 We are camping in a green grove close to the Warm River (pictured).

The Last Word—for discerning readers—by author Gregory Zeigler.

Something good to read. The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge by David McCullough.

I am not an engineer and the technical side of the research has often been slow going for me. But though I have written the book for the general reader, I have not bypassed the technical side. If I could make it clear enough that I could understand it, if it was interesting to me, then my hope was that it would be both clear and interesting to the reader.

This quote from McCullough’s acknowledgements really caught my attention. The reasons will (hopefully) be made clear below. GZ

And this.  Any reputable news source’s coverage of the Hutchinson testimony to the January 6 committee. Or you could read a Shakespearean tragedy. 

Something I wrote (or rather say.) I tell my writing students* to ignore the old rule that insists that you “write what you know.” But rather to write what you would like to know. And be prepared to research the subject until you do know it. And I say, “If it is interesting to you, it will be interesting to the reader.” (See McCullough quote above.)

Something to consider.

Truth will out and the bad guys always lose. How can thousands of years of stories be wrong?

Something to do.

Take a walk in a forest. Breathe.

Happy reading. Gregory Zeigler, author of the Jake Goddard and Susan Brand eco-thriller series.

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*Next memoir writing class through the Teton County Library System, November 2022.

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